New Security Feature
Posted on 01/06/2020

We have great news regarding a new level of security at our front lobby entry to the school.  Visitors will no longer be able to enter the front doors without first being buzzed in through the new security system.  Visitors to Hylton High School will now enter through door #1F, the last door on the left as you face the building.  Previously everyone entered through door #1A, the first door on the right as you faced the building.  ALL doors will now be locked. 

To enter the building you will use the intercom/camera system at door #1F.  All visitors will ring the bell, face the camera, and a staff member will respond. Visitors will then state the reason for their visit and a staff member will monitor the entry point and use the buzz system to open the door. Visitors will then proceed as usual to the security desk to check in and receive a visitors badge.  There will be signs on the front doors directing traffic to door #1F. We are excited to have this extra level of security.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school at 703.580.4000.