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C.D. Hylton High School Boys and Girls Cross Country– 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Cross Country Season

Practice/Try-outs will start on August 5 @ 6:45 p.m. Listed below are the basic rules and regulations for the C.D. Hylton Cross Country Team.

Once School starts on August 26, Practice will begin at 2:30 p.m. daily unless otherwise stated. Practice will last no longer than 4 p.m. each day.  Practice may be adjusted due to inclement weather.  When in doubt feel free to reach out to any of the coaches (information listed below) and or check the Hylton Cross Country web page.  All athletes should remember that schoolwork and school related academic assignments are their responsibility.  If you are ineligible you can’t help yourself or your team.  On the other hand, practice time is very important; it is your responsibility to inform a coach if you are going to miss practice for any reason.

  1. Repeated / frequent absences will result in counseling/ suspension or dismissal from the team.
  2. No profanity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, disrespect, or any behavior that cast a negative shadow on yourself, the school, the coaches, or the team.
  3. You must dress for Physical Education.
  4. You must be in school to participate.
  5. No jewelry may be worn during meets.
  6. School warm ups must be worn to all meets and track events.  See your current event coach for further information on this topic.

We (the coaching staff) purposely schedule invitational meets against the best competition we can find.  You will learn to conduct yourself with confidence and develop a sense of self-assurance.  While you may not win your event(s) in these meets, it will prepare you for the district, regional, and/or state competitions.

Parental communication is a key aspect of the relationship between the athlete and the coach.  Please give your parents a copy of the meet schedule and encourage them to become involved in the meets.

Items needed to start the season are listed below:

  1. Concussion Class
  2. Academic eligibility
  3. Valid physical form on file at school.
  4. Complete emergency card on file.

You will not be allowed to practice or participate in ANY team activity until your Physical Form and Concussion Class Documentation is on file.

Your role on the team may change as the season progresses.  We will try to accommodate you and let you participate in as many meets as possible. However, please keep in mind for some meets we are limited to participates therefore, if the coaches feel you are out of place in your present practice group we will make an adjustment.  These adjustments are made specifically to help you and the team.

Practice attendance, effort, and attitude will be the final determinant regarding participation in meets.

The equipment needed for practice will vary from athlete to athlete.  For practice, everyone should have: Warm-ups, Running Shoes, Shirt, Tights and /or Shorts. Remember there is no indoor facility. We will practice outside in the bad weather. It is your responsibility to have all the necessary items for practice.

When traveling to a meet, ALL members of the team will ride the bus.  Under no circumstances will an athlete drive him or herself to the meet.  All athletes will also ride the school bus back to Hylton.  You can ride home with your parents from a meet, but you must have pre-approval from the athletic director or principal at Hylton.

The process for obtaining permission to take your child from a meet is to email the athletic director and or principal and forward the approval from them to either Coach Frye @ and/or Coach Tiffany @ .

Coaching Staff Primary

Coach Tiffany: 571.220.3238

Coach Frye: 703.975.2807