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2020 Hylton Girls Lacrosse Team

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Team Announcements

Week of: 5/18/20 

Uniform/Equipment collection = this Thursday from 8am-1pm in the Hylton bus loop.  We ask that both tops, kilt and helmet are all placed in your back pack to be dropped off on Thursday.

Indoor Rotation: 
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 Monday: Practice by self

Tuesday: Practice by self
**Changes to Orders DUE to Coach Kilgore (**
Wednesday: Practice by self
**Orders Being Placed**
Thursday: Practice by self
Friday: Practice by self

Always have: Indoor and Outdoor Practice Stuff, a Mouth Guard, a Filled Water-Bottle, Helmet, Pinnie & Lacrosse Stick


Please remember to email Coach Woodson ( to be added to the group email and text the number 81010 with @hyltonlax to be join the text messaging group.

Get in the "Know" Now!
Step 1: Send your email address to Coach Woodson (

Step 2: "Bookmark" this page.

Step 3: Text the number 81010 with @hyltonlax

Step 4: Like us on Facebook

Keep Your Stick Work Up
We cannot stress enough how important it is for a player, especially varsity,
to pick up their stick during the off season. Below are several ways you can
keep your stick work up:
> Wall Ball: find a place to practice your 2 minute drill, catching, etc.
> Call other players and meet up to pass and scrimmage.
> Look into other leagues which play in the off season...WOLFPACK!

Tryout Requirements
If you would like to be apart of the Hylton Girls Lacrosse Team you must
"Light Up" in the categories listed below.  Note - "Light Up" means you
score in the top 10 in the category
> 1 mile time = 7-7.5 minutes for varsity
> 2 minute drill = 100 catches
> 1 minute rapid wall shots = 30
> 4 corners without ball = 8
> 4 corners with ball = 7

Wolfpack Lacrosse
If you are interested in Wolfpack Lacrosse Club, please check out their website.

Any new players coming to Hylton lacrosse should purchase a women's lacrosse stick with a Navy Blue head. Shaft color does not matter at the current time. Our team will be heading in the direction of team shafts in the future. All returning players are not required to change sticks. This is only for all new players to Hylton Lacrosse.

Team Mouth Guards
All players are required to wear a mouth guard at all times in games and during practice. All mouth guards should be Navy Blue or Black in color with the exception being if you have a medically fitted mouth guard for a specific reason (example: to fit over braces). No mouth guards regardless of medical reason may be white, clear, tooth - colored, or have teeth printed on the mouth guard.


Team Contacts

Varsity Head Coach
Tony Kilgore

Varsity Assistant Coach
Teresa Woodson

JV Co-Head Coach
Samantha Geschke

JV Co-Head Coach
Jessica Lasica

Goalie Coach
Sarah Switzer

Assistant JV Coach
Iyanna Turner

Team Links

NCAA Clearinghouse - NCAA Clearinghouse. All Junior and Seniors who wish to play in college must register with the Clearinghouse.

U.S. Lacrosse - Governing body for mens's and women's lacrosse. Seniors and Juniors should consider joining to participate in All-Star activities at the end of the season!