Hylton Clubs


Activity Bus

Students who are staying after school (whether it be for a club, sports or academics) must present an Purple Activity Bus Pass to get on the activity bus. It is the student's responsibility to get the bus pass from their coach or sponsor. Students will not be permitted to ride the activity bus without a valid pass. For 2019-20, Activity buses will run on Thursdays only at 4:15 p.m. to a select group of bus stops in Hylton district. The stops are indicated on a listing that is located in the front office. 
Students must arrange their own transportation home if staying after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.

View the two bus routes (PDF).


Club Meeting Schedule for 2019-20

This will be updated as sponsors decide their meeting schedule for the year. There will be a link to a club chart showing list, day, room, sponsor.  

Please note - not all active clubs maintain a webpage.