School Security Information

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C. D. Hylton Senior High School welcomes visitors!

Visitors include parents, citizens, invited speakers, observers from colleges, salespersons, news media, volunteers, coaches from other schools, recruiters, and tutors.

However, there are safety precautions that must be followed by all visitors. All visitors must report promptly to the main office/security desk, advise the staff of the purpose of their visit, and obtain an identification badge. Visitors are required to leave a photo identification card with the office/security desk and sign in on the visitor log.

Security Department Staff Members:

Mr. Kenneth Eason -
Mr. Leroy Singletary - SingleL@PWCS.EDU

Excerpt from PWC Code of Behavior

Students, staff, and parents share the responsibility for an orderly and safe school environment. Information about drugs, weapons, or other factors which may be harmful to the school environment should be reported. Students who have knowledge of drugs, weapons, violence or other behaviors which may be harmful to others or to the school environment may be subject to disciplinary action for failure to report such information to school authorities.

The following are some suggestions for reporting such information:

  • Contact the school principal or other administrator
  • Dial the PWCPS Tip Line at 703.791.2821
  • Contact the Police in cases of emergency

If a student discovers something in his or her possession which is not permitted at school, that student should report to an administrator or other staff member immediately. Follow-up action shall take into consideration that the student voluntarily brought this to the attention of staff. Students should contact an administrator, teacher, or counselor immediately if they believe they have been victims of discrimination, harassment, or other acts which violate the Code of Behavior.

I.D. Badges

To ensure a safe environment for the children and staff that attend, work, and visit our schools in Prince William County, employees who work in or visit schools or School Division facilities, or perform transportation duties and responsibilities are required to wear a photo-identification badge (I.D.) at all times.

Student Parking Permits

Any vehicle parked on school property must display a valid parking permit. Permits may be purchased at a cost of $100.00 each. You can park without a permit through September 13, 2019. After that time, you must have a valid parking permit on your rear-view mirror while parking on campus. Applications for parking permits are available in the main office and security office. Parents and students should read and understand the rules and regulations regarding student driving, parking and using vehicles. The application forms must be signed by both the parent and the student. Any vehicle without a valid parking permit will not be allowed to park on school property and may be towed at the owner's expense. Students who wish to pay for their parking permit in installments must email Mrs. Melanie Forgas - FORGAMC@PWCS.EDU

Downloadable Files:
Student Parking Application (PDF)
Student Parking Payment Plan Request (PDF)

speed limit sign of 10 miles per hour

Please be reminded that the maximum speed limit in the school parking lot is 10 mph.Slow down, be courteous, and give pedestrians the right of way.

Release of Students During School Hours

Only those individuals listed on the student's emergency information Card will be authorized to remove student(s) from school. Any individual wishing to sign out a student is required to first check in at the security desk by signing in and leaving a government-issued photo ID card.  Once admitted, the request to sign out a student can be made in the main office..

Information for Walkers

Please stay on the designated walk paths when walking to and from school. It is best to walk with a buddy whenever possible. Be mindful not to walk on any homeowners private properties in the surrounding neighborhoods. There are trash can located along the paths for your use as needed. School Security is always available if you have questions or concerns regarding the walk paths from the school to the community.


Important Numbers

Prince William County Crime Solvers: 1.800.673.2777
Prince William County Schools Tip Line: 703.791.2821
Statewide Tip Line: 1.877.472.3382