Brianna Hatcher

        Algebra Readiness students, we will use Google Classroom to practice at home. Use your Hylton Google account (the e-mail address to access the class page. Your class code is 352m7ai. Class notes and assignments for review are posted by topic.

        Estudiantes de preparación para álgebra, utilizaremos Google Classroom para practicar en casa. Use su cuenta de Google Hylton (la dirección de correo electrónico para acceder a la página de la clase. Su código de clase es 352m7ai. Las notas de clase y las tareas para revisión se publican por tema.

Class Schedule: 


Gold Days

Blue Days


Geometry Geometry


Biology I Biology I


Planning Environmental Science


Algebra Readiness Planning

Office Hours:

By appointment. I am willing to stay after school on any day. Talk to me at least one day before when you want to stay.