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An email was sent home to all GEMS students and their parents/guardians. In this email instructions for continuing work from home were given. In addition, an electronic copy of all of the readings/assignments for 4th quarter was provided. Students already received a paper copy of these in class this week. You can also find an electronic copy of all of the work on the 4th Quarter page on this web site.

The Google Classroom has been set up for the entire 4th quarter. Not all assignments may be required - there are assignments that are only to be done if we are not in school. Basically, if it is not an assignment on the syllabus, it is one of the "may not be required" assignments. Look at the due dates; if we are not in school on the "due date" for the assignment, then you are to do that assignment. The assignment does not have to be turned in on that date; please follow the information given by the county. These assignments will take the place of your discussion/listening grades. If we are in school for the discussion, I will remove the assignment from the Google Classroom. If we are not in school for the student led seminars I will instead collect your topic and questions. These will take the place of your seminar grade. Please submit your work through the classroom or email it to me using the email:

Signet Students: Looking for something to do? Check out the SIGNET blog page. Each week there will be a new topic on the blog. Also, check out provided resources listed beneath the blog page where you will find fun and interesting topics. These are external links suggested by the Gifted Education staff at the Kelly Leadership Center. 

If you have any questions, email me using the above address - DO NOT USE THE CDHYLTON EMAIL.

Most important through all of this, take care of yourself and each other. I hope to see you soon!

Google Classroom:

GEMS classes will be using Google Classroom to see and turn in assignments. At the beginning of each quarter all out-of-class assignments for that quarter will be added to Google Classroom. The code to join is: 78xxgs

Office Hours:

Monday: 2:20 to 3:45

Tuesday: 2:20 to 3:45

Thursday: 2:20 to 3:00

 Note: Office hours are by appointment. However, if I am in my classroom (room 255), I will be happy to stay on the above days, even without an appointment. An appointment simply guarantees that I will be in my classroom by 2:20. If I am not in room 255 when you come by, check room 256.