CISL (pronounced “sizzle”) is the Center for International Studies and Languages at C. D. Hylton Senior High School.  The CISL specialty program allows students to follow a comprehensive and rigorous program of study in pursuit of global awareness. CISL prepares students for success in today’s global marketplace: for university study and a future international career. Hylton offers eight different world languages with four active foreign exchange programs, providing opportunities for overseas travel. Students who successfully complete this intensive program will receive a CISL certificate to accompany the advanced studies diploma and wear the CISL stole at graduation.

The program components are: 

  • Course sequence emphasizing an appreciation and understanding of world languages, culture, and current global issues
  • Extracurricular programs and community service activities promoting international awareness and global communication 
  • Exit interview demonstrating a working knowledge of a world language 
  • Interdisciplinary research paper (independent project in AP Comparative Government)