CISL Student Committee

Congratulations to the 2019-20 CISL Student Committee

  • President: Brianna G
  • VP: Emily M
  • Secretary: Teresa D
  • Projects Directors: Nina S & Aisha K
  • PR Directors: Emily C and Aidan T
  • Senior Reps: Steph A, Eliana B, Katherine R, Reanna T, Mary W
  • Junior Reps: Jenascia A, Victoria M, Caroline S
  • Sophomore Reps: Cindy C, Nicole C, Megan R, Stephanie W

One additional Sophomore Rep and 6 Freshman Reps will be elected this fall!

View the CISL Constitution (PDF)

About the CISL Student Committee:

CISL program has an active CISL Student Committee. Members are elected by the CISL students in May. Freshmen representatives are elected at the CISL General Meeting in October.

Committee members have leadership roles in the program and assist with all events, including CISL student meetings, exchange group visits from different countries, the CISL International Conference Day in March, and the annual Oxfam Hunger Banquet. They represent the CISL program at many publicity events in the county and assist in the decision-making process for the program's outreach activities.

2019-2020 CISL Faculty Steering Committee

Betsy Campagna, Assistant Principal
Lesley Johnson, Science
Olegario Melendez, World Languages
Christine Terenchin, Social Studies
Talya Davis, Business
John Hoffman, Social Studies, Retired
Eileen Nelson, Language Arts
Holly Banner, School Counseling
Lori Link, Language Arts
Claudia Sattler, World Languages