*Update 2/22/2021* Senior Ad Information

This is a recording of the Senior Ad Information Session that took place on Sunday, February 21st, 2021. Information regarding Senior Ads and Senior Baby Pictures is covered by Editor-in-Chief Emily Alberti and Senior Editor Chloe Pressley.

Here is the presentation from the Senior Ad Information Session on Sunday, February 21st. Information about Senior Ads and past examples can be viewed through this link. 

These are the colors available, with listed names, for your Senior Ad. Please make your color preference clear to Senior Editor Chloe Pressley when you submit your ad request via email. If no color preference is given, colors will be chosen at the Yearbook's discretion. 
Senior Ad Color Options

This is the easy-to-use ReplayIt link that submits pictures directly to the Yearbook Staff. Follow the instructions to submit either Baby Pictures or Senior Ad Pictures. Please make sure to clearly label the intended use for the picture, so the staff can sort it accordingly.
The ReplayIt link is here:  https://images.jostens.com/415533984

Baby Pictures Senior Ad Submission Instructions

General Club Information

We are excited about our 2020-2021 yearbook theme, Saga. If you weren't able to join the class, you can join the club contribute your ideas and make an impact.

- connect with yearbook staff
- helping with polls, questionnaires, and coverage
- sharing and collecting pictures
- fact checking

Meeting times and dates coming soon.

Social Media
Twitter: hyltonsaga2021

Editor in Chief: Emily Alberti

Advisor: Jessie Ayers