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    PWCS Nutrition Employee Spotlight featured our own Mr. Guevara!


    From Your Neighborhood Cows

    Wednesday, January 11th is National Milk Day! You may have heard about the beautiful, locally grown fruit and vegetable choices served in Prince William County Schools (PWCS), but did you know the milk we serve is local too? That’s right! Our milk is supplied through Dairy Maid Dairy located in Frederick, Maryland just 50 miles from our county! Select a carton of milk with breakfast and lunch as part of a complete school meal or purchase it a la carte!

    Milk provides students with the vitamin D, calcium, and protein they need to grow and build strong bones. It is recommended that children ages 4-8 consume 2.5 cups of dairy each day, while those between the ages of 9-18 should consume 3 cups of dairy every day. Choosing milk as part of a complete school breakfast and lunch allows students the opportunity to consume two of their daily dairy servings at school.