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Hours of Operation:

7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Important Numbers:

703.586.6732 (Secretary)
571.298.0917 (Secretary)
703.586.6734 (Registrar)
703.670.2736 (Fax)

Mission Statement:

The mission of Guidance & Counseling is to provide a structure which promotes a positive environment and maximizes the unique potential of students to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for their self-understanding, social relationships, academic achievement, and career development to ensure a foundation for life-long success.

Counseling Staff

 Mrs. Christina Langley Mrs. Christina Langley
Dir. of School Counseling

Mr. Barry Smith

Mr. Barry Smith
Letters A - B
Knapp - Lindor

Ms. Laurie Covington

Mrs. Laurie Covington
Letters C - F
Lira - Manrique

Ms. Christy Genova

Dr. Christy Genova
Letters G - Ki
Moreno - Newman


Ms. Nicole Pitre

Mrs. Nicole Pitre
Letters Ng - Sam
Melgar - Modesitt

Ms. Holly Banner

Mrs. Holly Banner
Letters San - Z
Moffatt - Morejon

Ms. Michaella Beatty

Ms. Michaella Beatty
ESOL Levels 1 - 6
Mantoan - Melendez

Ms. Brittany Testerman

Ms. Brittany Testerman

Ms. Rachel Perkins

Ms. Rachel Perkins
Social Worker

Ms. Suzanne Fouche

Ms. Suzanne Fouche
School Psychologist

Mrs. Ingrid Puna

Ms. Ingrid Puna