Foreign Exchange Programs are temporarily suspended due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, however, we are thrilled to have paired over 50 of our students with virtual exchange partners at schools in France, Germany, Italy, and Russia!!

Can you host an exchange student?

Hosting an international student is a wonderful opportunity for your whole family to have a fun cultural experience and your student can earn lots of CISL points for each experience!

Hosting an exchange student is like having another son or daughter. Students are asked to respect the host family's rules and routine.

During the exchange the students will be staying with your family in the evenings, will shadow classes of their partner for a few days at Hylton and on other days, will participate in field trips in the DC area. Hosting families are asked to provide a room and meals during the student's stay. School meals can be in form of school lunches or packed lunches. Most nights the students will have dinner with their host families.

Common duties of the host families:
Offer a room (a room can be shared with a same sex student)
Offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Pick up/drop off the students at the airport (usually only pick up at arrival)
Pick up the student from school if a school bus is not available (Ex: when they return from a day trip to Washington D.C.) Provide food for a breakfast and dinner potluck
Show the exchange students the American way of life

Frequently asked questions:
To host an exchange student, your child does not have to be studying that world language.
To host a student, your child does not have to travel to that country on Hylton's trip, but will be given priority if applying to participate in travel with us
Visiting students are usually able to communicate very well in English since they study it from a young age.
Hosting families can share duties (Ex: Rides to and from school).
Student will bring their own spending money for extra activities and any shopping they wish to do.
Students will have have their own health insurance.
If your child has after school activities the exchange student can shadow them
If your family attends a church the exchange student can attend as well.
Licensed American students can drive the exchange student locally (no I-95).

This is the exact same hospitality (and more!) that our Hylton students receive when we travel to stay with International families at our sister schools in other countries.

Let's keep building these great relationships and growing our global family! Contact with questions.