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Tryouts 4/12/21 - Checkin Inside Today
Enter at these doors for your sport

Door # 4  - Tennis/ Boys Soccer/ Track

Door # 6  - Crew/ Girls LAX/ Boys LAX

Door # 7  - Baseball/ Softball/ Girls Soccer

Spring Sports Tryouts to begin April 12, 2021 -
See each Sports page on the right column for specific time details.

Physicals & Concussions are requested to be turned in prior to tryouts starting on 4/12/21.
Dr. Holland will be accepting ALL Paperwork at door #7 this Wed., Thur., Fri., -  April 7, 8, 9, from 4 pm - 6pm.


SWOL Registration - See below for link
VHSL Physical form completed - See below for link
Online Concussion Training  - See below for link


To Participate - View REQUIRED SWOL Information for -----
In-Season Tryouts & Practices and Out of Season Conditioning for All Sports 2020-2021 

Hylton Athletics Info:
Please view below link, updated 9/21/2020, for complete tryout info for C. D. Hylton Sports seasons for 20-21 school year.

View information for Hylton athletic tryouts, physicals, concussion training, and eligibility for 2020-2021 (PDF)
Please see each Sport's webpage at right or contact coaches for more specifics about their sports tryout dates/times.



Before trying out for a sport for 2020-21, you must have a VHSL physical form, dated after May 1, 2020, on file at the school.  Drop off completed paper work at Hylton BEFORE tryout date. - Attention Dr. Holland. 
 See below for special  drop off dates/times with Dr. Holland.
Be sure to use the Revised February 2017 form. Download the physical form (PDF).

Concussion Update from PWCS 2020-2021

On line Training is required for all 9th-12th grade student athletes and parents to view, then signed completed document.
Please see PWCS site for all one line concussion info and  all face-to-face updates.   Drop off completed paper work at Hylton BEFORE tryout date.  -
Attention Dr. Holland.


Athletic Parent Boosters Meeting

For information about Athletic Parent Boosters
contact booster President, Adriane Miller

C. D. Hylton Online Spirit Wear Shop

See below link for viewing items and ordering. 

C. D. Hylton Online Spirit Wear Shopping

NFHS Network ....never miss a game again!!!

Click here to view information for joining NFHS Network  to view all games remotely.

NO Spectators at Sports for PWCS - Rvsd 11/2020

Per current State Regulations of only 25 spectators allowed at a sporting event, 
PWCS has regulated that  NO spectators at any sporting events until further notice.

If and when spectators will be allowed and tickets will be sold, please see the below
information for ticket prices.

Cardinal District Game Price - 2020-2021

REGULAR Season Ticket Entry:

$6 all age 7-59 years
Age 6 and under - Free
Age 60 and over - Free

This is for REGULAR SEASON games at the following schools:
Colgan, Forest Park, Freedom, Gar-Field, Hylton, Potomac, and Woodbridge.

Cardinal District TOURNAMENT Prices for 2020-21
At these schools - Colgan, Forest Park, Freedom, Gar-Field, Hylton, Potomac, and Woodbridge.

Entry - $7 all age 7-61 years
Age 6 and under - Free
Age 62 and over - Free

Composed of Cardinal District, Cedar Run District, & 3 Commonwealth District Schools

Admission Policy
Region Entry - $8.00 for all Age 6-61 
                   - Exception Swim & Wrestling - Entry is $10.00 
Age 5 and under are free & Age 62 and over are free.

VHSL Eligibility Update

There have been changes made to some of the VHSL Eligibility Rules, Forms and Documentation. Please click on each of the numbered items for PDF versions of each.

  1. VHSL Transfer Rule and waiver request template (PDF)
  2. Regulation 721-2 announcement from PWCS (PDF)
  3. New Transfer Reg Announcement - Full list of transfer implications for eligibility (PDF)

Activity Bus Passes Required

2020-2021 Updated information will be posted as needed. 

Athletic Team Try-out Procedures

All athletic sports teams will implement the following procedures in selecting team members:

  • Try-outs will be open to all eligible students interested in trying out for the freshman, junior varsity, or the varsity team.
  • There will be no "invitation only" policy used by any sport to determine who may try out for any team.
  • There will be a minimum of three (3) practices before any student will be cut from the team. A student that is moved from the varsity to the JV team is not considered as a cut. They are still on the team. A cut is being removed from competing on any team at any level.
  • Once the first cut is made, a student may have a minimum of three (3) additional practices to try out for another team.
  • All team meetings, try-out dates, practice dates, and team rules will be posted on the website.
  • Any student who is cut from a team, has the opportunity to meet with the coach to discuss why he/she did not make the team.

Athletics Calendar

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