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About the Hylton Automotive Program

Hylton High School Auto Technology Program has met requirements of NATEF certification. Students will be prepared for ASE certification exams in eight areas:

  1. A1- Engine Repair
  2. A2- Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  3. A3- Manual Drive Train & Axles
  4. A4- Suspension and Steering
  5. A5- Brakes
  6. A6- Electrical/Electronic Systems
  7. A7- Heating and Air Conditioning
  8. A8- Engine Performance
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Current Happenings

Our award winning Auto Technology Program produces a weekly youtube show that showcases the incredible work that our students are doing each week. Check out what our Auto Technology Bulldogs are up to this week at:

C.D. Hylton Automotive Youtube Channel

Mission Statement

The mission of the Automotive Technology Program is to assist the student in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to be a successful entry level worker in the field of Auto Technology and/or continue their education in a related occupational field.

Course Descriptions

The Automotive Technology Program includes three courses: Automotive Technology I, Auto Technology II, and Auto Technology III. Students may begin the first course in this series in their freshman or sophomore year. Juniors and seniors who can balance their responsibilities of work and school are encouraged to work in the industry. All Auto Tech classes are a combination of classroom lecture and lab procedures.

Auto Tech I:

A one-credit course that is available through an application process will teach students the basics of shop safety,automotive maintenance, and vehicle care. The following topics are covered: careers,shop safety, hand tools,floor jacks and jack stands, lifting vehicles,vehicle maintenance (to include oil changes, fluid checks, component inspections, etc.), cooling systems, tires, and wheels (to include rotation and balancing), automotive math, fasteners, gaskets, and service manuals.

five students working on a car engine

Auto Tech II:

A two-credit course available to students who successfully complete Auto Tech I. Topics covered in Auto Tech II include: In-depth brake theory and operation, hydraulics, ABS, Engine theory, diagnosis, and repair (to include disassembly, identification of components, and measurements), basic electrical, scan tool usage,starting systems diagnosis and repair, meter usage,and steering and suspension.

Auto Tech III:

A two-credit course available to students who successfully complete Auto Tech II. This third level course will provide students with a more in-depth study of concepts covered in Auto Tech II. Students who can successfully balance school and work will be encouraged to work in the automotive industry. The topics covered in Auto III include: A more in-depth look at theory and operation of steering systems (to include diagnosis and replacement of components), suspension systems, wheel alignments, engine performance, driveability concerns, removal and replacement of engines and drive trains, and HVAC system theory and diagnosis.


Admission is by application through the PWCS Specialty Program Application Process. Students must apply between November 1st and February 1st to be considered for admission in our Auto Technology program at Hylton High School. Students will receive a decision by mid-February and must officially accept their seat in the program by mid-March to join this program.
Only students who are joining PWCS from outside the division can be considered for admission to our Auto Technology program outside of the designated timeline above. Please email our school's Specialty Program Coordinator, Christine Terenchin at [email protected], if you would like to join one of Hylton's incredible Specialty Programs and are new to PWCS. 

Program Objectives

  • To emphasize quality work, interest, pride, and enthusiasm in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To increase student experiences in problem-solving, deductive reasoning, judgment, and decision-making skills within a team environment
  • To practice time management, planning, and organizational skills in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To demonstrate knowledge of automotive technology safety in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To work cooperatively with team members to complete assigned tasks in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To make a contribution to the employment needs of the community by increasing the supply of qualified Automotive Technology specialists

Advisory Committee

A group of area automotive business owners and managers meet regularly with educational staff to provide regular input for curriculum revisions and opportunities for student employment.

Career Opportunities

Most automotive technicians work for car dealerships, independent repair shops, or gasoline service stations. Over one-fifth are self-employed. The increasing complexity of automotive systems will require individuals seeking entry into this field to complete a formal program of studies. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook,careers as an automotive service professional will be plentiful for persons who finish a formal training program.

According to the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF), today's automotive technician must have:

  • Thorough knowledge of automotive systems and components
  • Good computer skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Above average mechanical aptitude
  • Good reasoning ability
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Manual dexterity

Student interested in Automotive Technology should see their School Counselor.