CD Hylton Cabinetmaking

Thomas A. Ehman
, Program coordinator

student rabbeting

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and to instill a passion for cabinetmaking and the art of woodworking.

Course Description

Students learn workshop and tool safety and employability skills as they practice reading plans; estimating and selecting materials; cutting and shaping stock; assembling, fastening, and installing components; and finishing surfaces. The technical, problem-solving, leadership, and creative skills learned in Cabinetmaking can be applied in industries well beyond construction trades and professions and can prepare the student for lifelong learning and success.


Apply at the PWCS HS Specialty Programs page. Applications are due by 4 PM on February 1, 2020.

Career Opportunities

Student interested in Cabinetry should see their School Counselor.

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