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Mrs. Donna Petrone-Carter
Preschool Teacher
Office hours: M-F 1:00PM-2:00PM


Ms. Balraj Kaur
Preschool Teacher Assistant


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Mrs. Petrone-Carter - I have been a teacher of young students for over 27 years, teaching Kindergarten for 13 years, First grade 4 years, Special education 3-5 LD,K-2 Autism, 6th grade gifted, and I owned and was Head Teacher for my own Academic Preschool for 10 years. Our school won academic excellence for the ten years of operation. I am originally from Massachusetts-Go Pats! Celtics! and Sox's! I am married to a wonderful man who served our military and presently a deputy sheriff/ US Marshall division in Alexandria. I have 5 beautiful daughters, all grown living their dreams from Miami, San Diego and Mass. I have two gorgeous grand children ages 3 and 8! I love working with young children- I get excited each year to help the children paint the canvas of learning. Everyday is adventure and a new day of discovery in my class.

Daily Schedule:

8:30 Arrival

8:40 Greeting/Opening Circle/Morning Message

9;00 Breakfast/Brush Teeth

9:20 Large Group/Literacy/Music and Movement

10:00 L/A - calendar- instructional learning - all subject areas

10:30 Small Group Time

11:00 Outside play- water break-count
1:25 Worktime Centers

12:00 Clean up/Transition to Large Rug

12:30- clean up
12:45 transition music- put out cots
1:00- Nap
2:00 worktime
2:30- Recall Clean Up/Goodbye Ritual/Closing Song
2:45 Dismissal-


As always, please do not hesitate to email should you have any question- HUGS

Mrs. Carter and Ms. Baur