Absences: In Accordance with PWCS Regulation 724.1, revised September 26, 2018 

 Students are expected to be present in school. Should an absence occur a written statement signed by the parent/legal guardian or electronic communication from the parent/legal guardian which provides the date of the absence, the reason for the absence and a daytime phone number is the preferred method of verifying a justifiable absence. Alternative means of verification may include telephone or other electronic contact with the parent/guardian by the principal or designee or a written certification signed by the student's medical provider. All explanations of absence must be received no later than the 5th day after the student returns to school and include a daytime phone number.

 **All notes are to be submitted to the Attendance Secretary in the 4th Street Office. The Attendance Secretary can be reached via 571.298.0925 or guerree@pwcs.edu.

 A student whose absence is unexcused may, at the teacher's discretion, receive a grade penalty for any graded assignment which occurred during the day(s) of unexcused absence.

 A doctor's note may be required by the school principal/designee after a student has accrued ten (10) or more absences, excused and/or unexcused, during the school year.

 Absences are classified as excused based on the following reasons:

 • Personal illness of the student.

• Medical and dental appointments.

• Death of an immediate family member, absence not to exceed five consecutive days. Requests exceeding five consecutive days will be referred to the Principal and/or Designee.

• Religious, faith or commemorative observances.

• Emergency conditions in the student's home which require temporary help from the student in caring for sick or injured members of the student's immediate family – absence not to exceed five consecutive days. Requests exceeding five consecutive days will be referred to the Office of Student Services for approval.

• Parents/guardians retain the option of not permitting their child to attend school when, in their judgement, the roads or walkways in their neighborhood are too hazardous to use. The parent/guardian shall give the school prior notice of such absence by electronic or telephone communication.

• Seniors shall be excused for college admission visitations or to apply for post-graduation jobs.

• Required court appearance.

• Students may be granted up to five days excused absence for the purpose of visiting with a parent/legal guardian who has been called to active duty, is on leave from this duty or has immediately retune from deployment to a combat zone or combat supporting post.

• Preapproved absences. Preapproved absences are discouraged and will be only granted in extraordinary circumstances. Family trips should be scheduled during school holidays and over summer break. Absences for family trips will not be excused unless accompanied by extraordinary circumstances, and in no case, should exceed five consecutive days without the approval of the Principal and/or Designee. Preapproved absences which become excessive in length may be marked unexcused and a referral made to the Attendance Officer for compliance with the compulsory education laws. Preapproved absences that are extended beyond 15 consecutive school days will result in withdrawal of the student from school in accordance with VDOE regulation.

 For any preapproved absences to be classified as excused, the following conditions must be met:

       a. The principal/designee must be notified in writing of the request for approval, of the reason for the absence, and the duration of the absence at least 10 school days prior to the absence;

       b. The student is in good standing;

       c. The student has a prior record of good attendance;

       d. Missed work is completed and turned in within the time-period designated by the school; 
 absence does not occur during standardized testing dates.

Teachers shall not be required to provide assignments in advance of the absences but may provide assignments requested in advance at their discretion.

 The following absences shall be classified as unexcused absences:

• All day truancy;

• Class truancy;

• Missing a ride, a bus, or vehicle problems;

• Prearranged absences without proper prior notification or without justification and prior approval;

• Failure to timely produce an appropriate explanation for an absence or requested documentation

 Tardy to School: In accordance with C.D. Hylton High School Tardy Policy

 Students are expected to be on time to school daily and on time to all subsequent classes. Students that arrive after 7:30 a.m. are expected to enter school through the front door and sign in at the security desk. They should report to the Library or the Main Office, as directed, for a tardy pass. If the student has a dated, signed note from a parent/guardian stating a valid excuse, he/she will receive an excused tardy pass. The student must present this pass to their teacher to be admitted to class, excused tardy. If the student does not bring a valid written note they will be classified as unexcused tardy and will be entered in the tardy program as such and a discipline consequence will be assigned.

 A student has one day to submit a written explanation for an excused tardy. A student is considered unexcused unless a signed and dated note is presented to their Alpha Secretary within this two-day window. Upon verification and acceptance of the note the attendance will be corrected and the discipline consequence will be removed.

 Tardies classified as excused are:

             • All items for excusing absences as listed in the previous section;

             • All tardies resulting from late busses.

 Tardies classified as unexcused are:

             • Oversleeping;

             • Missing the bus

             • Traffic or vehicle problems

             • Inclement weather

             • Family issues without prior approval from Alpha Administrator, I.e. getting a younger

                Sibling on the bus

 Promptness to class is very important. Students are to be in their seats and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. An unexcused tardy represents unexcused time away from classroom instruction and students will not be allowed credit for missed work.

 Tardies are tracked over the semester (by the teacher) and carry the following consequences:

 1st 2nd & 3rd Tardy – Warning

4th Tardy – 2 Hour After School Detention

5th Tardy – 2 Hour After School Detention

6th Tardy – 4 Hour Saturday School Detention

7th Tardy – 4 Hour Saturday School Detention

8th Tardy - Parent/Student conference with Alpha Administrator and the student will be placed on an Attendance Contract and assigned one day of Out-of-School Suspension.

  While the Tardy Program resets at the beginning of the second semester the Attendance Contract will remain in force for the remainder of the school year.

  • Teachers will close their classroom door as soon as the tardy bell rings. Students who are not in their seat when the bell rings will be marked unexcused tardy.

 • No student will be allowed to be in the hallway during the first ten minutes of class and the last ten minutes of each period without prior administrative approval.