AP Educators

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2023-2024 AP Educators

Important Information about the AP Summer Assignments:

AP courses are academically rigorous and challenging. They will motivate you to explore new ideas and enhance your skills in analysis and critical thinking. We want you to be successful. 

During the 2023-2024 school year C. D. Hylton Senior High School is pleased to have 24 educators teaching 23 different AP courses. Our AP teachers work hard to build students content knowledge and skills while introducing them to college level tasks and assignments. These courses are challenging and our expectations for our Hylton students in AP courses are high, but we also want you to know that our incredible AP teachers are here to help support our AP students. These teachers are dedicated and passionate about both their subjects and helping students be successful. If you have questions, please reach out to the educator of your or your child’s AP course.

Course and Contact Information by Department

AP Art 

AP 2-D Art- Ms. Sipe, sipejl@pwcs.edu

AP Drawing- Ms. Sipe, sipejl@pwcs.edu

AP English 

AP English Language & Composition (11th Grade)- Mr. Belcher, belchetw@pwcs.edu & Ms. Boyette, boyettkb@pwcs.edu

AP English Literature & Composition (12th Grade)- Mr. Keane, keanesl@pwcs.edu

AP Math

AP Calculus AB - Ms. Harvey, harveygl@pwcs.edu

AP Calculus BC - Ms. Wilson, wilsonla@pwcs.edu

AP Computer Science Principles- Mr. Davis, davissx@pwcs.edu

AP Science

AP Biology- Mr. Wyman, wymanaw@pwcs.edu

AP Chemistry- Mr. Chumbley

AP Environmental Science- Ms. Hendrick, hendrinn@pwcs.edu

AP Physics 1- Mr. Davis, davissx@pwcs.edu

AP Physics C: Mechanics- Mr. Davis, davissx@pwcs.edu

AP Social Studies

AP Comparative Government & Politics- Mr. Nestlebush, nestlesb@pwcs.edu & Ms. Schofield, schofikb@pwcs.edu

AP European History- Mr. Stanley, stanlear@pwcs.edu

AP Human Geography- Ms. Long, longja@pwcs.edu, Ms. Smyth, lilesas@pwcs.edu, & Mr. Troyer, troyertn@pwcs.edu

AP Macroeconomics- Ms. Stanley, stanledm@pwcs.edu

AP Psychology- Mr. Fox, foxjm@pwcs.edu

AP U.S. Government- Mr. Bisset bissetph@pwcs.edu & Ms. Seetin, seetinte@pwcs.edu

AP U.S. History- Mr. Fox, foxjm@pwcs.edu & Mr. Nestlebush, nestlesb@pwcs.edu

AP World History- Ms. Stanley, stanledm@pwcs.edu

AP World Languages

AP French- Ms. Choi,  choikx@pwcs.edu

AP Italian- Ms. Maddox, maddoxjc@pwcs.edu

AP Spanish- Mr. Carvajal, carvajh@pwcs.edu