10th Grade Seminars

For an updated syllabus and seminar schedule for the year, please refer to the Canvas pages. If you don't have access contact your gifted education teacher - Claudia Sattler.

To continue the theme of order from ninth grade, in tenth grade students focus on order within scientific systems. Many of the topics discussed in seminars deal with topics related to physics and the systems of understanding which physicists use to explore and explain reality. The four units deal with scientific processes and paradigms, paradigms of space and time, twentieth century changes in theoretical physics, and implications for contemporary and future society.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • Small group goal-setting conference
  • Defining Science
  • Science as an Approach to Solving Problems
  • Paradigms
  • Introduction to Dimensionality
  • The Possibility of the 4th Dimension
  • Limits and Infinity
  • Time
  • Frames of Reference - Relativity
  • Interstellar Communication and Travel
  • The Quantum World
  • Science and Ethics

Students attend seminars during HPE to minimize the amount of make-up work due to seminars. If attending seminars during PE does not work for your student (some students really want to attend PE and would rather not come to seminar than miss PE), please let me know which class would be optimal for him/her to attend seminars.

Due to school events, testing, snow, or other circumstances seminar dates may change. Any changes will appear in the "Announcements" below.

10th Grade Seminars

SRGS Arts Local Auditions

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If you have a problem completing either task online, please let me know. I can also submit the audition request for you and give you a paper copy of the application.

You must sign up for an audition time prior to October 23.

Please contact Claudia Sattler with any questions or requests for additional information about the gifted program.