11th Grade Seminars

For an updated syllabus and seminar schedule please refer to the Canvas page. If you don't have access contact your gifted education teacher - Claudia Sattler.

To continue the theme of limits of order from tenth grade, in eleventh grade students explore the development of personal identity over space and time within the context of American artifacts and uniquely American concepts and culture. The topics explored utilize multidisciplinary and multicultural elements: literature, historical documents, architecture, and art. Students explore political theory and social constructs. The two main units are American Identity and American Political and Economic Values.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • The American Character
  • American Visions/American Dreams
  • A Critique of The Dream: Alexis DeTocqueville
  • Progress in American Architecture and the Fine Arts
  • Individual Rights and Societal Needs
  • American Romanticism
  • One Union, Indivisible, Now and Forever
  • Property Rights
  • American Success, Wealth, and Progress
  • Reform Impulse in America
  • Identity and Future Planning


SRGS Arts Local Auditions

Sophomores and juniors interested in auditioning for the SRGS Arts program should sign up for an audition time.

Prior to the auditions, you should complete the preliminary application.

The preliminary application is used in the case of a tie for local auditions.

If you have a problem completing either task online, please let me know. I can also submit the audition request for you and give you a paper copy of the application.

You must sign up for an audition time prior to October 23.

Please contact Claudia Sattler with any questions or requests for additional information about the gifted program.