Foreign Exchange- Italy

2023-2024 Italian Exchange

We had an incredible 2023-24 Italian Exchange! Amiamo i nostri amici Veronesi! Or we love our friends from Verona! Non e un addio, lo e finche non ci incontrem! It's not goodbye it is till we meet again! 

Spring 2024 

Students and teachers from traveled from Hylton High School to Verona, Italy in March 2024 to stay with students and families from our sister school Liceo Linguistico Lavinia Mondin- Instituto Sorelle della Misericordia. 

Later in the Spring of 2024

In April of 2024, 23 students and 2 teachers from our sister school Liceo Linguistico Lavinia Mondin- Instituto Sorelle della Misericordia came to Virginia to spend time with us! Hylton High School families hosted Italian students in their homes. Our Italian students and teachers were with us during a busy week this spring that included Hylton's incredible I-Night or International Night! We took Hylton host students and Italian students all over D.C. and Virginia to museums, monuments, Capitol Hill, and more! And more importantly our Italian students and teachers got to experience time and life with our Hylton host students and families even shadowing their Hylton student during the school day!

Check out the video below about our Spring 2024 Italian Exchange when our Italian Sister School came to Hylton High School:


Next anticipated trip: Hylton travels to Verona, Italy Spring 2024

Frequently Asked Foreign Exchange Questions:

Does it cost money to go to Italy? 

Yes, it costs money, the cost is set by the company who helps arrange everything but the cost covers all expenses (including museum entrances, airfare, any hotel stays, trains, buses, and more) expect for tip money (typically around $60) and sourvenirs. 

Does it cost money to host an exchange student? 

Technically the answer is still yes, what we expect our host families is that they feed their exchange student breakfast, lunch, and dinner during their approximately 12 day stay.

Most families also choose to spend some additional money so that visiting exchange students can go on additional adventures around the area especially on the weekend. Sometimes host families will bring their exchange students to spring festivals, taking a trip to a museum or place that requires additional funds, the Spy museum, and or Kings Dominion. It's also worth noting that there are a lot of fun things to do in this area that aren't expensive and or are free and can be just as fun! Mrs. Terenchin is happy to help students and families who are interested in hosting but would like to keep the cost lower by helping you plan some fun cheap or free weekend experiences. 

Can you host an exchange student?

Of course! All Hylton families and students who are interested are encouraged to host an exchange student!

The only requirements to host include:

  • The exchange student must be provided with a bed (they can share a room with a same sex student)
  • Provide the exchange student breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Pick up student at Hylton after some field trips into D.C. if we get back later 
  • Show the exchange students the American and Hylton High School way of life! 

Do I have to be in CISL to travel or to host?

No, absolutely not! These exchanges both traveling and hosting are open to all Hylton High School families! That being said CISL students who host or travel can earn large quantaties of CISL points. 

What if I don't speak the language! 

Please don't worry, visiting students have been studying English from a very early age, they are highly fluent! There is no need to speak Italian in order to travel or to host! 

Hosting an exchange student is like having another son or daughter. Students are asked to respect the host family's rules and routine.

Do I have to travel if I agree to host? 

Absolutely not, we welcome all Hylton students families to participate in one or both parts of the exchange traveling and or hosting based on whatever is best for them! All that being said it can be really fulfilling for our students to travel to a country and then host the same student that hosted them but again, it isn't required at all! We feel that the more students who are involved in the exchanges the better! 

Can I still travel even if I can't host? 

 We understand that sometimes you and your family just aren't able to host a student right now, that being said hosting a student is an incredible experience that we hope you'll consider participating in if you're able to down the road. 

What if there is an emergency when we're traveling? 

All students and parents who are a part of the exchange and travel to another country will have 24/7 access to Mrs. Terenchin the coordinator and Mrs. Maddox while we travel. If something is wrong Mrs. Terenchin and Mrs. Maddox will be there. Travel and medical insurance is included in the cost of the trip! 

What if there is an emergency when we're hosting? 

All students and parents who are hosting an exchange student will have 24/7 access to Mrs. Terenchin. Mrs. Terenchin hosts the Italian organizer of the exchange so we will be able to assist you in a moment's notice with any problems or concerns that may arise. All students that travel to us have insurance and we will assist you if any emergency health related or otherwise should arise. You're not in this alone! 

What if I have after school activities when I'm hosting?

No worries, it would be great if your exchange student can tag along to observe but if not it is a part of the experience! 

How do I know that the families will take good care of our students?

This is a bit more complicated to answer but the truth is that our Italian Sister School and Hylton has gone on for the past 25 years! There are experienced teacher leaders who walk students families through this process each year and we work really hard to support students and families through the exchange on both sides of the exchange. There is an incredibly strong level of mutual trust between our students, families, teachers, and schools. Their families want to take great care of our students because we work hard to take great care of their students. We're all in this to help our students build great relationships and have incredible experiences. 

Let's keep building these great relationships and growing our global family! Contact Mrs. Terenchin at [email protected] with questions.

Who to contact for more information:

Christine Terenchin - Specialty Program Coordinator- [email protected]